Beer Profile: Rivertown’s Death (Imperial Stout with Ghost Peppers)

Profiled by Ken Carman for PGA

The ghost pepper is hot and not that interesting: just hot. The RIP provides support… but not much. Way in the background. Dark malts obvious but really not much to the nose on this one.

Black, black and black. How much “appearance” is there really to this style? Good tan head that fades fast, tiny bubbles.

Taste, as mentioned, is heat dominant. It’s not overwhelmingly hot. But the balance is slightly off. The malt should strike the palate with more intensity. Almost London Brown-like. Tad sweet under the hot. Recommend calling it an Imperial London Brown, and backing off on the pepper a tad, while adding just a little flesh of the jalapeño for flavor, or other pepper.

Usually Rivertown is better than this.

BA score 3.5/60 @ Rate Beer



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