RANT: “Best American Stouts Made In The USA”? Oy Vey….

TPFOkay, I’m calling BS on this asinine list.

I’m not even going to link to the post which spawned this (alleged) listlet. I don’t want to give them any more free clicks, since the list is obviously blatant bait for that species of scaly, slimy little internet reptile. But you go ahead and google the name shown in the next paragraph and you’ll find it. Not that anyone needs to see it. This is called “Top 10 American Stouts Brewed in the USA” – not “in 2016” or “This Year” but BEST, period…which is bullshit. Oh, it says in the copy underneath that the results come from 2016 and from their three sources but that is the very definition of click-bait: write a provocative headline that will get people to come to your site and then – back-peddle furiously, so you can’t be accused of click-baiting.

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