Beer Profile: Hoppin’ Frog Dankster Frog IPA

Courtesy PicOku. Mine was far more murkey than this.

Profiled by Ken Carman

Two moments of pure honesty: I had this beer a while ago so I can’t be as specific as I should be. The other is I was judging it as I practiced to up my BJCP tasting score. I should have judged it lower since I judged it as if it had been entered as a regular IPA. But, dagnab it, it’s so flabupin good!

Yeah, I just made up a word. And it was fun doing it. Kind of like Fred Karm’s brewers kind of made up their own spin off of IPA. That’s a new thing at the BJCP: the just expanded the IPA category because there are so many versions. I hope this eventually becomes one.

What would have made it score lower? Well, it looked like murky lemonade crossed with a little orange juice: an orange-ish yellow, and no light shined through. There was a low bitter for an IPA and the fruitiness was yeast driven as well as hop, which I’m sure IPA purists would do a lot of the verbal version of barfing about.

The nose was about the same as the taste with hints of lemon, orange, peach. The taste and mouth feel: almost no bitter. The mouth feel was heavier than it actually was with suspended yeast hanging around in the finish/aftertaste because they had misbehaved during purist IPA school. I’m sure some of the biggie purists would want it expelled. It finished somewhat sweet.

Malt was no more than a background orchestra of hard to discern pale: still it supported it well. Balance well towards the fruit.

You know what? The purists can have their perfect IPAs. I like them too. But this is unique, and while ‘dank’ doth not apply, except the slightest horsey sense via, I would a assume, a hint of that side to brett, I also assume either this specific yeast is fruit dominate, or it has been fermented twice.

The head was an off white and pillow: didn’t last long, small bubble mostly.

So many IPAs these days do bitter and little more than bitter. They even do bitter quite well. But hops have flavor, guldern it, I want to taste them too, at least more than a little! Please brew this again. I could drink more than a pint or two.

No score on Rate Beer. 4.23 BA.

I can’t give it a super high score because I’m not sure what style they were shooting for, but I did score it well with a…



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