In the Land of Flemish Red-Brown Ale

Written by Franz Hofer for Tempest in a Tankard

Only an hour by train from Brussels, West Flanders is renowned for its picturesque medieval towns replete with belfries and beguinages, sandy North Sea beaches, verdant open fields, and a harrowing First World War history. Bruges is West Flanders’ heavily visited capital, but the region is also home to the Poperinge hop district and some of Belgium’s most unique beers in a country famous for unique beer. Roeselare, Vleteren, and Vichte are but a few of the towns and villages that conjure up visions of Trappist brewers and the sweet-sour beers of the region. If the bucolic Payottenland due west of Brussels is known for lambic, the western part of the country answers with Flemish red ale and the oud bruin of East Flanders.

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