Beer Profile: Trimtab Brewing’s Cranberry Spice Berliner Weisse

Profiled by Ken Carman

Very spicy aroma: nutmeg and/or allspice up front in aroma, no malt, no hops, slightest soured sense.

Appearance: raspberry colored head, cranberry colored quaff. The head is pure fine foam. Very hazy: no light shines through. Foam clings to glass as tilt.

Flavor: slightest tart. Cranberry right up front. The lactic sourness tad low. No hops noted. Malt takes a background to the cranberry in the balance. Aftertaste is cranberry.

Mouthfeel: low side medium carbonation… could use more to propel flavor and style-wise. Light body feel.

This could be even more of an excellent quaff than it already is. It just needs a little more carbonation; hint more lactic sour and of course adjusting the rest of the recipe to keep balance. It’s a light quaff that I would have one, maybe two, but abandon for more complexity. But that’s just me. I could see someone finding this a fav beer.

4.2 BA
3.8 Untppd
Nothing found on RB



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