Your Move, German Pilsner

It’s not uncommon for a beer style to emerge, and spread, from an identifiable “bottle zero.” Every modern witbier, including Allagash White and Blue Moon, traces back to Pierre Celis’s recipe for Hoegaarden; Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale encouraged an entire generation of copycat hoppy brews; and the Trappist ale Orval has inspired countless homage beers, like Goose Island’s Matilda and Green Flash’s Rayon Vert.

Beers that wield such influence are historically cutting edge or avant-garde in nature. But that’s not the case with Tipopils, an esoteric oddball of a lager first brewed by Birrificio Italiano in 1996. It wasn’t until nearly 15 years after its release that it helped spawn a growing spate of so-called “Italian-style pilsner” tribute beers.


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