Schneider Weisse: Wheat Beer between Tradition and Innovation

A journey to Kehlheim in eastern Bavaria is a journey to wheat beer nirvana. A charmingly unassuming town at the confluence of the Danube and the Altmühl Rivers, Kehlheim began life in the ninth century as a county seat. Through the ages it has served as the birthplace of Bavarian dukes, a waystation for the transport of wine, salt, fish, and wood, and a staging ground for Swedish troops bent on capturing Regensburg during the Thirty Years’ War. Nowadays Kehlheim attracts adventurers of a different type: cyclists passing through town along the Danube Cycling Path, day-trippers setting off on a river journey through the dramatic Danube Gorge to the equally stunning Kloster Weltenburg, and beer pilgrims thirsting after liquid redemption. Set amid gently undulated fields of wheat and barley and perched on the eastern edge of the Hallertau hop region, Kehlheim also happens to be the home of Schneider Weisse.

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