Profile: Southern Grist’s Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Brown

Profiled by Ken Carman

Deep tan head headed towards brown that doesn’t hold long. Quaff brown almost black, so dark clarity very hard to assess. SRM in 30s. Head clings to side of glass in ring. Tipped glass provides just a little clarity. No “floaties.”

The aroma is brown malt mixed with a whiff of blueberries behind that. Maple syrup-like sweetness way behind that: barely tingles the nose. What blueberry sense there is is more blueberry syrup-like. Slightly sweet in aroma: pancakes a definite sense to that. No alcohol in aroma, no hops.

Slightly soured blueberry sense on first taste. What hops are there would be slight and the slightest bitter only: not enough to interfere with the experience. The slightest dry and the slightest sweet both present well, providing excellent contrast. Alcohol a slight after thought, barely discernible. As it warms bitter gets stronger and seems to conflict with total enjoy-ability. Coffee presents little until warmed. Could be source of a little astringency. Lactose provides what little sweet sense there is, vanilla too.

The mouth feel seems deceptively full, but more medium edging slightly towards fuller side of medium Carbonation higher side of low and provides slightest tingle. As fades malt and slight blueberry sour lingers and clings to roof of mouth.

Quite enjoyable, however the sour and hopping provide unnecessary distractions. Suggest checking to see if a sour was brewed in same vessels or yeast health. To do blueberry pancakes in a can I suggest dropping sour, a little sweeter and just a hint less hops. I would drink a max of 2 of these and move on, looking for more balance, but might do it again because the experience is pleasing. The coffee is fine, but may be unnecessary if going for blueberry pancake sensation, and a distraction.

BA and Untappd rate slight over 4



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