Beer Profile: Neon Neon Rainbows Double New England IPA by Ommegamg

Profiled by Ken Carman

From a classic Belgian brewery in the hills near Cooperstown, NY. Sits on the remains of the largest hop field in New York State back when most hops came from New York: 1800’s, early 1900’s at best.

Appearance: Hazy yellow, probably about 4 SRM. Nice size foam head that fades slowly into slight wisp on meniscus and solid cordon (edge) ring around glass. Great glass foam cling. Hazy enough to have no clarity.

Aroma: Classic grapefruit-like hop nose dominates, pale malt way behind that. Smells sweet like my nose bit into a juicy grapefruit with the slightest rind sense. Slightly fruity sweet.

Taste: Finishes slightly dry as if actual fruit was fermented faintly dry, no off tastes. Still there’s also a slight sweet sense. What lingers is the alcohol which is neither hot nor harsh in any sense. Just what one would expect from a double style IPA. The dominant sense is still the grapefruit-ish hops, but the malt body and alcohol back this up. Firm, yet not overwhelming bitter.

Mouthfeel: firm moderate carbonation, medium body heading towards heavy. Fruity hop sense coats roof of mouth and lingers. Body substantial enough to be a little chewy.

Overall: Hard to find fault here. If you are looking for a Double IPA with a slight New England twist this is it. My only criticism is for New England I’d want a little less focus on bitter and more on fruit, but this is a minor concern when it comes to judging, The slight twist to the style covers it: still within parameters.

I recommend.

Untappd: 3.9 out of 5
BA: 89



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