Beer Profile: Buffalo Bill’s Blueberry Oatmeal Stout

Reviewers Millie and Ken Carman

Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Buffalo Bill’s Brewery
Haywood, CA

Usual alcohol %: 4.2-5.9% abv
This version: 7.5%

Right up front there’s the smell of blueberry and grain. There’s also blueberry to the taste. While not strong, this is impressive since blueberry is one of the tougher fruits to make prominent and keep. This version would probably qualify as slightly imperial at 7.5%: could be a “Specialty,” if it were to be entered for competition.

Blackish appearance with brown notes to the appearance.

The only defect was a slight alcohol harshness that wasn’t solventy in any sense. The oatmeal adds to the body, as expected: making it a little “chewy.” It has a wonderful Guinness tap-like pour: big head cascading through the beverage, however to the tongue it was less smooth and just a tad brittle. Not enough to be considered a defect, but it would be better if it were smooth.

Be nice to try this on nitro.

Millie also sensed some caramel notes and slight biscuit to the aroma I didn’t. She thought it was a lighter stout than I did.


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