Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Another interesting essay from The Vice Blog.

Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Everyone hates the kind of people, the kind of snobs, that drink wine and then feel the need to spend hours and hours pontificating about it. It’s why I created this blog — I was sick of how the “everyman” vocation of beer drinking had become overtaken by pretentious little tipplers. It must have reached a breaking point for me when I was reading one such beer blog. The author noted in a review that he’d actually drank a beer in his living room while watching TV as opposed to how he usually sampled a brew — by shutting himself in a dimly lit “study” alone, with no outside noises or distractions, and then quietly and contemplatively enjoying the drink. He was downright ashamed and apologetic that he had actually drank a beer in a comfortable environment, lounging on his sofa with his feet kicked up while watching the game.

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