Brewing During the Civil War Era

Regulation Problems During the Civil War

The USBA claimed that they could not have removed beer brewed before September 1st without destroying it. To substantiate this, the brewers continually explained, to anyone who would listen, the manufacturing process of lager beer. Brewers made lager in winter; they stored this “stock” beer in underground vaults, preferably directly below the brewery, attempting to maintain as cold a temperature as possible through the summer season. St. Louis had natural limestone caves; brewers used ice from the from the Mississippi…

-From Brewing Battles, a History of American Beer by Amy Mittelman

Rise of the Malting Plants

…malting tended to become separated from brewing proper. Malting became a distinct industry. Even in colonial times there seem to have been independent malting plants. In Oneida County, NY we find a malting plant not connected to any brewery in the year 1910. In Albany (NY) the first one was established in 1823. In the sixties (1800s) there was everywhere noticeable, in addition to the expansion of the brewing industry, a general separation of the malting from the brewing business.

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by Herman Schluter (First published in 1910)

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