Lose Weight on the Beer Yeast Diet?

Wiki: a mixture of diatomaceous earth for filtering and beer yeast.  Or the Blob that ate the brewer?
Wiki: a mixture of diatomaceous earth for filtering and beer yeast. Or is it the Blob that ate the brewer?

“Beer yeast way to lose weight. Beer yeast way to lose weight is to eat it at least once. Specific method is to drink yogurt mixed with it so as to inhibit body’s absorption of calories.”


Also can be found at Professor Good Ale’s beer section here at LT Saloon.

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  1. yeast and beer to loss weaght? u cant be serius. this must be a joke. if its true lets kick out the jams!

  2. To be honest, I am suspicious too. But a lot of diet advice, even amongst professionals, can be suspicious. I had a nutritionist tell me once I shouldn’t have coffee because it is “brewed,” hence they used yeast. Ah, not. He also told me if I used cream in my coffee I had to use the liquid coffee creamer because there were no sugars in it. I pissed him off when I informed him they use corn syrup in it. He said, “not.” Then I informed him my father invented it when he worked for American Maize and I knew damn well it had corn syrup, a nutritive sweetener in it. Oh, he was so unhappy.

    Re: beer yeast. Beer yeast only survives at about 5.2-5.7 on the PH scale. That’s close to neither acidic or base. The stomach works off a low: acidic, PH. So chances are, even in a yogurt base, the yeast wouldn’t survive. But this is the “state of the art,” it seems.

    Not as unproblematic as most diet info. The majority of the medical community thinks we are all machines, and genetics, body differences, mean nothing. We all lose/gain weight exactly the same. We are robots: exactly the same.

    Horse hockey.

  3. sometimes it works in reverse. coffee was bad for u now its good for you. butter was bad, now its good. beer is good for ur haert, but if it helps loose weaght thats even better.

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