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Nashville, TN area

Worm’s Way will be moving in January, 2010 to 901 Main Street in East Nashville? The actual opening date is TBA, but we will be operating out of the East Nashville location by February 1, 2010 at the latest. The building used to be a furniture store called Urban Décor. We can’t wait to be more centrally located! Here is a link.

Hello All,

The time is near for this year’s MCB Christmas party. Unfortunately, we do not have a venue to speak of. I am writing to see if anyone in the club is willing to host the party this year. Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to host. The usual 2nd Saturday of the month is not good for December with the Chattanooga competition going on that day.

Jonathan Adams

It’s time for another great beer tasting! This time, we’ll be having the tasting at Cool Springs Brewery — Williamson County’s first brewery. The tasting is at 11 am Saturday November 28th. Bring something rare or Winter Seasonal for entry, — or you can chip in for the food and appetizers which we’ll purchase from CSB which has fantastic food. CSB has five of their beers on tap (as well as a few others including Yazoo Pale Ale).

BA Fall Tasting
When: Saturday 11am November 28 (until)
Where: Cool Springs Brewery
600A Frazier Drive
Suite 135

The Brewery is a block off Cool Springs Boulevard near Thorough Bred Theater. It is next to Sperry’s Restaurant and in the same building as Calypso Cafe.

Should be a blast!

I’m planning to bring a 2009 Sexual Chocolate. 🙂


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