Beer Profile: Middle Ages Druid Fluid

Profile by Ken Carman

I am assuming this is an English Barleywine. Considering the more aggressive American offerings I would think this a weak example, though still quite good. For English it’s damn near perfect. The hops provide a nice, strong under current for the sweet malt sense that barleywine can have, though not necessary to the style. It is a deep copper or gold. Kind of between the two. There’s enough head, though it dies fast: often expected in high abv beverages. Rather than punching you like an American version this entices: seduces you; gently. The aroma does have more hops than the taste and a nice grain sense. More hops to the aroma than taste, I am assuming due to late additions and/or dry hopping. Mouthfeel is somewhat dextrinous, though not as much as the American: more aggressive, versions have.

Very well balanced. I recommend it to one and all seeking more English flair’, more complex in a subtle way, wine version o’ the barley.

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