National Hop Day

Written by Ken Carman

“I HopGod therefore declare for the rest of the world to recognize; that February 28th be forever known as National HOP Day. To further celebrate THE HOP and to the joins the ranks of HopGod Minions everywhere, maybe it is time to brew a HopGod BEER.” -HopGod

Last Saturday in the Nashville area we celebrated “National Hop Day.” Or maybe “More Hops Day?” That’s the cry of the Hop God, or Hop Tyrant, Hop God’s nickname. More will be written in a few days about the legacy of this mysterious deity, or semi-deity: demigod… no relation to Demi More… on this site. Stay tuned.

On Saturday several brewpubs in the Nashville area celebrated National Hop Day and even brewed Hop God Ale.

Hop God himself blessed this HopGod Ale with hop additions, as Boscos brewer Karen Lassiter claimed that day. Here’s Boscos brewer Karen and her man slave/husband, Jack.

Twas a grand National Hop Day. Boscos provided pasta and several kinds of pizza for the event. And since we drank up all the Hop God Ale we can tell even this fine gentleman, and fellow Music City homebrewer, definitely had his… Phil.

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