Carlsberg Workers Strike Over Beer Limits

Courtesy the BBC

Carlsberg workers in Copenhagen have gone on strike against new rules that restrict the amount of free beer they can consume during their working day. Regulations brought in at the start of the month stipulate that workers are no longer allowed beer throughout the day, and can now only drink at lunchtime. Workers claim they were not consulted on the changes, which is why more than 250 have decided to strike in protest.

Carlsberg said it would not be reversing the new policy.

“Carlsberg has pulled something over the heads of the workers. They won’t have a dialogue with us,” said Michael Christiansen, representing the striking employees. “We have never had a problem with accidents or anything with alcohol involved.”

The strike has affected beer deliveries into the Danish capital as delivery drivers have gone on strike in sympathy with their co-workers. The strike began on Wednesday.

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