Competition: Attention Florida Brewers!

The 6th annual Hogtown Brew-Off will be held at the Paramount Plaza in Gainesville, Florida on May 14th and 15th, with competition- related festivities taking place on the 16th as well.

After some judging on Friday the 14th there will be a reservation- only beer dinner even. This will be followed by a walking pub crawl, free to anyone who wishes to attend. You’ll get a chance to experience the Gainesville night life, led from watering-hole to watering-hole by Craig Birkmaier from Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville’ s first microbrewery. Saturday morning the judging proper will begin followed by our now legendary Wild Boar Keg Competition with the awards dinner and raffle drawings following close behind.

The Hogtown Brewers hope you’ll make it up, down, or over to Gainesville-both for the competition festivities and to help with Judging or Stewarding. Hotel rooms at the venue have been made available at a special discounted price.

Visit for more information, updates, judge registration, and to register your entries when the time comes in late April!

James Schilling
Hogtown Brew-Off Dis-Organizer 2010

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