Want that Special Bottle for Your Special Homebrew?

An offering from a company on the Panhandle of Florida…

My name is Karin Schmidt and I live and work in Navarre, Florida.  My husband and I are in the business of providing quality glass custom-engraving in an affordable way to people who will appreciate it!   I know that homebrewers take a special pride in their craft, and in creating batches of brew that showcase their talents.  I imagine owning their own “house label” is important as well.  That’s why I am writing you.

I’d like to talk with you about offering our services to create high-quality, rich-looking labels carved into your bottles–something that would give you an extra measure of uniqueness to your work.  Something that sets you apart and makes the work stand out as truly your own.   And of course, “tradeable” for collection if that’s what you and your fellow brew-crafters want to do.  Since the bottles are re-usable and recycleable, you wouldn’t need large orders to accomplish your “look.”  The labels don’t wash off and don’t have to be replaced as they are used!   We have no minimum order requirements, making this a reasonable option for creating small, unique collections for special occasions and seasonal brews as well. 

If you have already designed your personal “house” label, we can translate that into carving the glass.  If you want a label designed, it’s not a problem.  All we would need is your input, your ideas, give us something to go on.  When it’s done, we will make a sample bottle for your approval.  You are not obligated to anything.  We simply would like the opportunity to work with you, and we work on a strong ethic of trust and integrity. Most likely, you’d prefer the bottles in brown glass, which could give them the look of a Stella-Artois!)

We must tell you, though, that the price listed for customized bottles on our website is not the correct price for you — We wanted to offer something special for the homebrewer’s clubs.   If someone wants their label engraved in the glass, that first custom bottle would be $35.  After that, any with that same design would be just $10. for the engraving.  Even if you order those duplicates at a later time, they would still be just the $10. (The cost of the bottles themselves would have to be extra, but since you probably already get your plain bottles from a wholesale supplier, we can use the ones you buy yourself, or we can order them for you, and pass them on to you at cost.  Your choice.)

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and taking the time to think it over.  Talk to your fellow craft-brewers, see what they think.  Let’s have a conversation, and come up with a plan for you.  Your hobby is important, gourmet creations deserve respect.  We’d like to help put your personal stamp on your work.  We look forward to hearing from you


From their site…

Glass Distinctions defines itself with contemporary elegance and artistic design. All of our work is custom-designed and created by hand, reflecting both our love of art as well as our dedication to quality. As an innovative concept-to-completion design service, we specialize in creating original art-glass décor items, gifts, and awards. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our work, setting Glass Distinctions apart as anything but ordinary


An example of their fine work.

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