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Written by Mike Brunsfeld, THE Beer Guy

I have come to conclusion that Jim Koch SUCKS.

OK, hops are to beer like wine is to grapes? Uh, no and HELL NO. I was willing to forgive that one stupid slogan that ignores the loooooooooooooong history of brewing, like amongst the Scots, the English and the Welsh, without hops but now he claims…

“Some people think head on a beer is a ‘bad’ thing.”

Who the f%$# thinks that? Where did you hear that nonsense: from your stupid, beer ignorant, advertising agency? I’d love to stage a protest, starting by pouring more than a case of f%$#ing Sam Adams over your head. Now some people do think that “head” is a “bad” thing, like the Catholic Church, your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend if you get it from from someone else. Were you thinking of that definition of “head” when you made this ad?

Fire your advertising agency, man.

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