Spotted in Austin: a Beer-powered Streetcar!

Posted by Leslie Brenner at

A friend and I spotted this crazy bar-on-wheels on the street in downtown Austin recently. It’s powered by ten people pedaling, and while they pedal, they’re drinking beer. There are a few non-pedaling seats, including one for a bartender, who serves beer from their BYOB keg from a central tap.

Pubcrawler of Austin has only been plying the streets (on six approved routes) since early July. The way it works is you get a group of at least ten together and rent it — it’s $160 per hour during the week, and $190 per hour Friday and Saturday. Bring a keg — or boxed wine or canned beer (no bottles, no hard liquor). And everyone has to be 21. Or sign up for a seat on Hump Day — Wednesday — when it’s $35 for a seat, as long as ten people sign up. In that case, you bring your own ice chest.

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