Samuel Adams Names 2010 Longshot Finalists

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Each year, Boston Beer Co. holds the Samuel Adams Longshot Competition in which homebrewers compete with various recipes to see whose will appear in a mixed six-pack to be released the following spring. The finalists were apparently announced a while ago but I just discovered them so here they are:

“The results are in! Congratulations to Alixandra Peters from Nevada, Michael Eads from California, Richard Roper from Georgia and Rodney Kibzey from Illinois for being selected as finalists in the 2010 Samuel Adams® Category 23-American Homebrew Contest®. All four will join us at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver where we’ll announce which beers will be included in the 2011 LongShot® Category 23 variety pack.

If you find yourself at the GABF, please be sure to stop by the LongShot booth to meet the finalists and vote on the third brew to be included in the LongShot variety pack from our Samuel Adams employee homebrew contest.

This year’s LongShot competition yielded almost 800 Category 23 entries from just under 600 homebrewers! This is proof positive that creativity is alive and well!”

Roper made an Imperial IPA and Kibzey made a Black American IPA. Eads made a “Wheat ale brewed with honey and Goji berries added” while Peters made an ale “brewed with Egyptian Chamomile, Hawaiian Honey and Heather tips.” Two of those will make into the six-pack while the other will be a recipe, currently unknown, from a Samuel Adams employee. Both a Barleywine and an Old Ale made it into this year’s variety pack so it’s tough to predict which beers will make it. One would think that with Black IPAs being such a trend recently, it may have an edge over the others.

We’ll find out when the winners are announced at the Great American Beer Festival in less than two weeks.

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