Beer Profile: Indian Summer, Lazy Magnolia

Profiled by Ken Carman

This is a bit Saison-like. Light. Pale yellow. Nice head. A bit hazy: chill haze? Nose a bit fruity. Head fades fast. Just a bit of orange peel sense and coriander. Light on the palate. Just a bit of an orange nose.

A very pleasing light beverage: the orange and coriander dominate but still light; obviously an ale.

If you’re looking for a strong example of a Belgian beer I wouldn’t go here. More like an Americanized version and very light. The carbonation fades fast and not a lot in the body. This is a wheat beer, but the wheat sense is light at best: very, very background. That pleases me because I’m not a wheat fan, but those seeking a wheat beer may be a bit disappointed… maybe more than “a bit?” The pale malt is far more dominate, as far as the malt sense goes. No hops; so light on the hops at best? Web site says high alpha hops: not much. IBUs low… their site says 16. Seems less than that.

This is more of a beer for those just getting into craft beer, or learning to appreciate it, than those looking for classics of a style, or a stand out version of any style.

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