Ye Olde Scribe’s “Boy That Really Sucked” Beer Report

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Before After Triple Bock
Brewery Rinkuskiai

The fairy tale image on the label is cute. Flip the bottle and you still get crappy beer. The taste does change as it warms, much like flipping the bottle shifts the perspective on the image to a little better: “winey.” But overall this beer makes the ugly lady cute. The Cinderella lady would puke all over you during the worst moments as it first hits the tongue. At times the hot alcohol sense wants to burn though the tongue.

Can we force this upon Ann Coulter, maybe?

A failed attempt at a traditional Triple Bock. Belgian White candy sugar sense? Yes, but alcohol unsupported by the brew turns into YACK! A light gold. Head is supposed to be rocky and persistent. Rocky? Yes. Persistent? No. Should be for the style. What malt there is is odd. Did they melt a Worthington drop into this abomination? The caramel and the higher alcohols merge a bit at warmer temps. Seems an Americanized version of the style. At 12% the higher alcs make it seem a bit wine like. The recipe might better serve as a sandpaper-ish version of Charmin.

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