Finnish Anchorman is Sacked for Swigging Beer on Air

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A Finnish anchorman has been sacked after being caught live on air drinking a bottle of beer. Kimmo Wilska got into trouble when he pulled out the brew during recorded footage about licensing laws. However, when the report cut back to the studio, the country’s most well known English-speaking newsreader was seen taking a swig.

A YouTube video shows Wilska looking startled and spilling some of the alcohol down his suit before he wrapped up the show. More than 430,000 web users have viewed the video making it the latest internet hit.

Furious television bosses have now fired Wilska, despite him telling them the whole incident had been a prank intended to make the behind-the-scenes crew laugh. However, they refused to accept his excuses and fired Wilska – who is described by fans as the Barry White of Finland for his distinctive and deep tone of voice. The gaff has also led to Wilska being compared to movie character Ron Burgundy.

Funny man Will Ferrell played the San Diego newsreader in the 2004 hit. The loud-mouthed character is seen knocking back scotch live on air.

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Kimmo Wilska has been compared to Ron Burgundy who was seen drinking scotch on air in the 2004 comedy movie Anchorman.

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  1. No sense of humor. Stupid. Ever if he was covering his own ass the station should have played along. Despite the actual article having been written as if it had been all a lie, sounds like a fudged fun news about the station bonanza that could have had them be known worldwide in a better way, rather than the home of anal execs, Professor.

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