Powerful “Witch” Community Squashes Offesive Beer Label

Please note: Wiccans are not necessarily “witches”- PGA

Written by Adrian Chen for gawker.com

Wiccans flexed their muscles earlier this month by railing against the media’s treatment of Christine O’Donnell’s witchcraft revelations. Now, they’ve succeeded in getting the makers of Witch’s Wit ale to change their logo from a witch burning at the stake.

After famous witch lady Vicki Noble saw the label in the store, she shot off an email to her witch friends. The New York Times reprinted a choice bit of the email:

“Can you imagine them showing a black person being lynched or a Jewish person going to the oven?” she wrote. “Such images are simply not tolerated in our society anymore (thank the Goddess) and this one should not be, either.”

After being bombarded with emails, the brewery’s founder agreed to change the label. The once-ostracized witch community grows stronger every day! Won’t be long until we see campaign ads declaring: “I’m not a witch, but some of my best friends are.”

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