Ye Olde Scribe’s “Wha Da Hell’s So Special Bout Dis Beer” Report’

“Because ‘special’ should mean ‘more.'”

Profiled by Ye Olde Scribe

Yellow, Plenty of head. A bit unclear. But “Whatsospecialhere?”

Scribe doesn’t see the point here. Brewed with ancient grains and Sorachi: Japanese hop. Hitachino Nest Ancient Nipponia is supposed to be an historical experience. Hell, if Scribe wanted special bland he wouldn’t have to go back that far The 60s would do.


About 180 years ago, beer was brought into Japan from Holland and USA. At that time, Japan closed the country to foreigners.

Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu tasted beer and was surprised at the taste. And some men started to brew beer in Japan.

But at that time there was no barley for beer in Japan so they used barley for noodle. After opening the country, William Copland started beer brewing as business in Yokohoma, which is the origin of Kirin beer. Soon he noticed that they need to cultivate the original barley for beer which matches with Japanese weather.Mr. Kaneko who was a big farmer started to make a new seed of barley by mixing Japanese ancient barley for noodle and imported barley for beer. He found mixing Shikoku, good barley for noodle, and Golden Melon, American barley, was good and he named this new barley as Kaneko Golden.

Fascinating. The story better than the beer. Lemony. Alcohol presence. Grain subtle.

Newsflash: if the hops and the grain are what makes it so special, ya might wanna make the beer reflect that?

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