Beer Profile: Estate Homegrown Ale (Organic)

Sierra Nevada
Chico, CA

Profiled by Ken Carman

Burnished gold. Tons of pillow/rocky head mix. A little chill haze but clear otherwise nice and clear. Cascade bitter and Cascade nose with some malt. The hops are fresh, though not that grass green you get from wet hops, though they claim “wet.” These hops were grown on the estate where Sierra Nevada resides. So is the barley. Everything for this beer came from the estate where Sierra Nevada is.

Hop profile: probably Cascade, Chinook and Citra.

Wax coated packaging.

Obviously this was an attempt to do a beer from scratch. I think it’s an excellent beer and well worth the cost. I recommend it. But “better” than other fresh/wet hop beers? No… and actually not as fresh or wet hop. Perhaps been in the store too long? Not stale, just not the snap one would expect. Sierra has done better, especially with the New Zealand

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