Ye Olde Scribe’s It Grows on Ya Beer Report’

“Kind of like, ya know, mold grows on an OLDE Scribe”

Written with a TOAST by da OLDE Scribe wid da MOST!

At first Scribe hated Oxymoron. A mild IPA, where the hops slowly assert themselves to full IPA. Three German malts, six German hop varieties, and a lager yeast strain.

Great name. Weird lager/pilsner malt mix. A project brew feature brewers from Left Hand and Terrapin. But this one grows on you. Nice head. Fades fast. Deep burnt gold. Vague hop aroma: no hop specific, Oxymoron has a full body and makes an Olde Scribe take notice. About as complex as a union between Einstein and Britney Spears.

A bit confusing.


Confuse yourself today. Give it a try. Make up your own %$#@! mind.

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