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Fresh & So Green, Green
Terrapin Fresh Hop
Terrapin Beer Company: Athens, GA

This is your classic fresh hop beer. By Terrapin, who loves to dabble with some of the most exotic styles and brew with other brewers to come up with even more exotic beer. Kudos up front.

I was in Athens, GA about 15 years ago. Stopped by every brewpub but didn’t have time for Terrapin. Damn!

Nose up front: freshly cut grass with a bit of citrus, as expected. Why? Well, folks, this is a fresh wet hop beer. Up until a few years ago this would have been considered sacrilege amongst brewers. I am so thankful this barrier was torn down.

Amarillo and ???

Body: background but not too little. Head was very good when poured and lasted a while. Clarity: good. Medium to light yellow with perhaps a bit of copper.

Mouthfeel: carbonation fills the mouth with hop focus. A bit grassy even mouthfeel -wise. Taste: astringency tingles the mouth just a little. A tad sweet at the end.

While not as complex as some fresh hop beer, or Sierra Nevada’s New Zealand hopped beer , but well worth the purchase.

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