From the Bottle Collection: 3 Days Before Christmas Beer

One Bottle Collection beer for every 5 days before Christmas. Rating system: not actually meant as a “tense” comment. All these beers either don’t exist anymore, or I tasted in the past. Hopefully, if not so hot before, they’re better now. If they do still exist. Or hopefully, if not better they’re as dead as the… Dickens.

Ghost of Christmas Present… remember him? Jolly, fun: the kind of guy you’d invite to a party for the season, and the kind of beer you could bring to a festive affair and not be totally laughed out of the room by festive beer geeks. That’s the best a beer gets in this series. Now Ghost of Christmas Past isn’t a great award. You can see from the picture he can be a bit of a grump. Probably from mediocre’ beer. And best not bring a Ghost of Christmas Past Beer to a beer geek festive affair. You’ll be the limp wet noodle of the party. A Ghost of Christmas Future beer? You remember that guy, right? If you want to be laughed at, have to bring most of your offering home and feel like you’ve just attended your own funeral instead of a party, bring a Ghost of Christmas Future beer. Some Ghost of Future Beer might best serve as embalming fluid.

Written by Ken Carman

Market Street Winter

What exactly made this a Christmas/Seasonal beer I don’t remember, but I do remember that this came into my collection towards the end of Bohanan Brewing being a Nashville phenomenon and into being a Nashville scourge. They were the first in craft beer world to take Nashvillian beer lovers by storm and they were pretty good. I rememeber a vanilla beer that was tasty.

For some reason they got burned out just as the competition started to heat up and stopped caring. Their local product was phenolic and loaded with DMS. Various versions of Gack! I don’t know how they achieved this, because as far as I know they had no bottling line: they vended out, but the bottled stuff was as bad or worse. Let the barf begin! Like chewing on the coal left in your stocking because someone was a bad brewer.

Bring this to the party and there would be no need to wait for over

You see the Ghost of Christmases Yet To Come? Yeah, he’s telling you all the other brewers are eagerly dividing your brew equipment up while laughing.

So sad. Didn’t have to be that way. And poor Tiny Tim? That’s may be why the beer was so bad at the end. Did he fall into the kettle and you used him as an adjunct?

Without intent, I have collected well over 1,000 beer bottles since the early 70s. When something finally had to be done about the cheap paneling in this old modular, I had a choice. Tear down the walls while, oh, so carefully, replacing the often rotted 1X3s. Or: cover them with… The Bottle Collection.

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