Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie Announces Production Increase

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Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie in Agoura Hills announced this week that they would be doubling their brewing production from 600 barrels to 1200 barrels in 2011.

They recently received three new 15-barrel tanks, one bright tank and two fermenters, to add to their six 7-barrel tanks, giving them the ability to meet the anticipated production.

“With the arrival of new brewing tanks, we’ll have the means to keep more of our regular ales on tap as well as brew special and seasonal ales”, said Brewmaster David Griffiths.

Nestled beneath the mountain referred to as “Ladyface”, the brewery has been extremely popular in their first year, even winning a gold and bronze medal at the L.A. International Beer Competition this summer.

The two medal winners, Blind Ambition, a Belgian style Amber ale and the Chesebro IPA, were among the most popular along with the La Blanche Belgian Wit, Picture City Porter and Derailleur, a beer that Griffiths specially brewed for the annual Amgen Tour of California which passes right by Ladyface in its final stage. The Derailleur even made the second round of judging at this year’s GABF.

“It is very gratifying that demand outstripped production capacity in our first year of operation. This will also allow us to increase availability to wholesale accounts”, added Cyrena Nouzille, General Manager of Ladyface Ale Companie. “We’ve even been getting a lot of requests from other bars for our beer so that’s pretty cool”

They are making plans for a week-long celebration of their first anniversary in late January and plan to have 16 taps of Ladyface ales for fans to enjoy plus some surprises throughout the week.

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