A Ye Olde Scribe Barf Beer Alert

“Because big American brewers really know how to brew BARF.”

You would think after so many years of the craft beer revolution big beer would know better. You would think after malt liquor got it’s racist image 30 years ago or so, they would be more careful. You would think after all the innovative craft fruit beer out there, big beer wouldn’t be to God d#@!$% %$#@! ) *(*&^%$#$@!! stupid.

Nope. Just make a Colt 45 version of a wine cooler? No wonder big beer keeps WHINING. You would too if you kept kicking yourself in the nutsack.

Colt 45 is probably one of the first of the “beers” that became part of the “let’s put something out there that the damn stupid niggers will drink” movement. Unfortunately the tactic works, but mostly for redneck hillbillies who probably stay three sheets to the wind as they stand around the cross fire in their sheets.

A quick drunk for those who have no taste, or burned them out trying to eat rocks as food long ago… or those little tasteless Krystal burgers: same thing.

Colt 45, like most malt liquors that luckily died and went away, is basically the same swill that’s still sold by AB (Now Belgian flavored barf, in InBev corporate terms only.) and Miller: now Miller/Coors. This atrocity from Pabst, like most MLs has little malt, few if any hops, and rice or corn added because everyone who drinks beer wants corn on the cob or sticky rice beer, right?

The difference is in malt liquor they just pump the alcohol up to the point of higher alcohol hot and annoying.

Now they’re going to a little juice or artificial flavor in there? What suit who knows shit about beer drinkers came up with this abomination?

If there’s any justice in beer world this will sink the makers of Colt 45 and leave more room for real craft beer.

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