Beer Tanks Advance 15km on Trek to Toronto

The things you don’t think of when it comes to mega brewing, like moving vats- Prof. GA

Written by Jon Wells for

The slow and so far steady parade of the voluminous beer vats has paused for the day on Dundas Street between Brant Street and Guelph Line.

That means the six vats traveled about 15 kilometres since stopping yesterday on York Boulevard near Dundurn in Hamilton.

Challenger Motor Freight is overseeing the move from Hamilton Harbour to a Molson Coors brewery in Toronto. On Challenger’s twitter feed, the update indicated that around 2 a.m. the convoy was “at Hollybush and Dundas; coming in to Waterdown.” Three hours later, it was at Dundas and Evans. A tweet on the site said Challenger had hoped to get all the way to Derry and Trafalgar roads this morning. The twitter feed is at

It’s costing Molson Coors $24 million for the tanks and the move. The move requires some road closures and is only allowed to continue between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Each empty stainless steel tank measures 45 metres long and more than seven metres high, weighs more than 45 tonnes and holds the equivalent of 1.4 million bottles of beer.

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