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One of the most sacred rules as a homebrewer, as set by the States, is that you can’t sell you’re homebrew. It’s a “hobby.” North Dakota, however, may just be about to be an exception.

Oh, some states will allow you to set up booths at festivals and even find a way to make it worth your while, though the latter is rare. North Dakota Republican Dan Ruby has submitted a bill that will get a hearing in the North Dakota House’s Industry, Business and Labor Committee on Monday that will establish a domestic brewery license. Homebrewers will also be able to sell their wares through beer distributors.

One wonders what Miller/Coors and InBev might have to say about this, especially after all these years of laws that often seemed to favor them and limit the craft beer industry. But there is a precedent: home wine makers can already market their wares in North Dakota.

Farmers who produce barley in North Dakota, a decent cash crop in that state, will no doubt be pleased.

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