Ye Olde Scribe Presents the Wouldn’t You Rather Puke? Beer Report’

Upchucked by Ye Old Scribe after being force fed a can of…

Miller/Coors, one of the last tasteless beer mega-whores left in the USA has a “new” idea. A slogan! Scribe is impressed. Impressed there are actually idiots out there that might think this is something “new.”

The slogan is “The Official Beer of EWE!” OK, it’s “you,” not “EWE,” but don’t you think “EWE” more apt?

And get this! They’re willing to bribe you into agreeing with the slogan. You might get to be pictured on their Facebook page or appear in one of their ads if you sign up; attempt to add some respect to this slogan that means NOTHING.

Now Scribe will briefly say something positive about Miller/Coors. At least, if you believe them, they’re going to donate some money to Iraq and Afghan Vets for everyone who does something or other. A little vague. One hopes someone is monitoring those donations, other than the “brewery” making the offer: the one with a history of deceptive marketing. And what has that got to do with the “you” in the EWE?

Now InBev’s Bud/Mich IS attempting to brew different styles… POORLY, and marginally under their own name. But the attempt to brew different styles IS there. Miller too: equally poor attempts. But Miller/Coors has often disguised their equally poor attempts to pour more garbage down our gullets by NOT using their name or logo on the packages and fake breweries. They should be made to walk the corporate world PLANK for deceptive marketing.

Scribe’s advice: Sierra Nevada, Anchor, North Coast, Rogue, Left Hand… hopefully you know more. There are so many these days. And so many styles no matter what you like. So why settle for fakery?

You wanna give to the Vets. Give to the Vets. No need it giving a helping hand to a swill producer who’s into deceptive marketing.

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