Beer Madness 2011: Celebrating US Craft Brews

Written by Greg Kitsock for The Washington Post

Beer Madness" at ChurchKey. (For The Washington Post)

The gloves are off for Beer Madness, our annual tasteoff to determine the nation’s top brew. Last year, we went global in honor of the Olympics. This year, with a postProhibition record of more than 1,700 breweries perating in the United States, we doubled the field from 32 to 64 and decided to celebrate the glories of American craft brews. All 64 breweries represented meet the Brewers Association’s exacting standard of craft.” They’re small (even Boston Beer Co., with its 2 million barrels a year output, is a guppy compared with such barracudas as AnheuserBusch and MillerCoors). They’re independent (not specialty divisions of large corporate brewers). They’re traditional (no corn or rice adjuncts were used to water down these beers for the timid). By carefully rationing samples and spreading our tastings over two days, we were able to admit stronger styles that we had barred in the past out of sympathy for our livers.


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