Beer Guy: Infused Brews at Asheville Brewing Co.

Written by Tony Kiss for

These days, a variety of flavors are going into Asheville-made beers. Asheville Brewing Co., 77 Coxe Ave., takes that to another level with its Thursday night infused brew series.

Each week, the downtown brewery blends one of its own beers with some unexpected ingredients.

The next infused brew (coming Thursday) is a blend of Escape Artist Ale with three styles of fresh hops. Here’s a rundown on what to expect in coming weeks. Feb. 17: Scout Stout with chocolate and chipotle peppers (for Valentine’s). Feb 24: Stuntman Ale with Tupelo honey. March 3: Rocket Girl with peaches and cinnamon sticks. March 10: Ninja Porter with mint leaves and espresso beans. March 17: Roland’s ESB with sweet potatoes and four-leaf clovers (for St. Patrick’s Day). March 24: Asheville Amber with lemon and limes.

Note: none of these items are the infuser used in Ashville. The one on the left is sold by and the one on the bottom sold by And, yes, they do look a little like odd, metallic, tampons, don’t they?-PGA

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