The Beer Nut: Brew with a Mission

Written by Norman Miller for GateHouse News Service

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a beer after a long day of work, except maybe drinking a beer that helps those in need.

That’s the idea behind 50 Back, The Brew of the Brave, where 50 percent of profits will go to various veteran support organizations.

“Veterans and their families sacrifice so much for the rest of us,” said Kimberly Rogers, co-founder of 50 Back Brewing Company. “If we can create a great-tasting beer that can help make even a small difference in their lives, we will have succeeded.”

The idea began about two years ago with Rogers and co-founder Paige Haley, both of Pepperell, Mass. They both had family members and friends who either had served or were currently in the military.

Both Rogers and Haley said they decided they wanted to do something to help the veterans.

“The idea (of helping) really resonated with other people as well,” Rogers said.

“Everyone knows someone, even if it’s not a family member, who is in the military,” said Haley. “We decided to make a great beer, and give back to our soldiers and veterans.”

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