National Homebrew Day

Reported by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

Boscos parking lot: in back. Tents? You can see the wind blowing. The brewers and their tents are leaning to the left with the wind. You almost expect sand to start filling the portrait. Has Lawrence of Brew-rabia delivered himself, via camel to Nashville and ordered his slaves to brew up a quaff so tasty even a sand pirate would love it? Is he brewing up a Belgian that, instead of that horse blanket taste, as certain styles have, wet camel hump? Would that be from a one lump or two camel?

No, the “lean” is from my occasionally quirky camera, and this is National Homebrew, and these are my fellow club members: Music City Brewers.

Every year we gather and wait for the Holy Grail: Wort, from Boscos, local brewpub. Above you see those seeking the Grail. I’ve been told the shorter gentleman would go off a Cliff for Boscos wort.

Yeah, his name is Cliff. It was a joke. What are you going to do about it?

In the picture above you see the holy delivery of… Wait. JOHNATHAN!!! What the HELL are you DOING up there, AND in public? In a brewery filled with people?

Oh, giving everyone wort. Never mind. Nice hose job, BTW.

This is Phil Snyder’s tent. Phil is so dedicated he has been brewing with his own hops for quite a while. He grows them in his large backyard, up on the plateau… just north of Nashville. His happy army of albino groundhogs keep them well watered and fertilized.

Nah, he does all the work himself.

Below you see club member Tom Vista, better known as “Hop God,” or “Hop Tyrant;” depending on whether he feels like getting out the whips and chains for the hop-less masses who think beer really doesn’t need hops… or not. And Karen Lassiter, Bosco’s brewer, also fellow club member, watching over the whole affair.

Her husband Jack was there that day too, he left later on his bike; such a small, puny, thing; more a minibike. I think he calls it “Jasmine.” Last name: “Harley.”

Hey, Jack, get a real bike! I hear there are a few Honda dealers in town.

Homebrewers bring Boscos beer out into the lot and add grain bags, hops: all added to the boil. Notice the picture is a bit odd. What makes folks want to do this? For fun? Maybe they’re a little… warped?

Nah, that’s just my camera.

Like the occasional odd shot from my quirky camera, I’m sure more than a few of us would have willingly admitted to being at least a little bit warped on this special day… but in a pleasing, brewing up a whole lot of fun, way.

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