Beer Profile: Sprecher Kriek Lambic 25th Anniversary

Profiled by Ken Carman

Cherry, wheat (a tad), Belgian yeast nose, cherry color, tons of rocky foam (wheat?), clarity good except a few wheat proteins and/or chill haze… I kept my fridge cold because I love milk very cold. Thin body, some horse blanket in taste. Low abv.

This is like a light Lambic version of the style. Bear in mind this style to begin with can be very light. This is lighter and, perhaps, just a tad too focused on the “Kriek,” but that may be because they seemed to have aimed for the Bud lite of Krieks. A bit unfair: only an analogy.

Sprecher is out of Glendale, WI. Not bad for a light version of the style but could really use more of everything to compete, except horse blanket. I wouldn’t make that any heavier in the mix. But that’s me. If you like that barnyard sense you might like more of it. Best of wishes. Don’t let me drink it unless I’m judging.

Twist top? Odd.

If you’re looking for a great Lindeman Kriek and other Belgian brewers do it better. But for a virgin looking not to be whacked by the style? Go for it.

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