Start of the U.S. Microbrew Resurgence (Photos)

Note: this collection of pictures is interesting. Only attribution is James Martin for photos and captions. From

In 1965, when beer connoisseur Fritz Maytag first visited the struggling Anchor Brewery, which was set to close within weeks, he had no idea how to brew beer. But he was almost instantly sold on Anchor’s traditional methods, and the idea of becoming a brewmaster sparked a revival of the Anchor Brewing Company.

Over the next few years, Maytag devoted himself to learning traditional craft brewing from the ground up.

His approach toward brewing, defined by innovation, creativity, and exploration, marked the beginning of the craft-beer revolution.

Between 1965 and 1971, Maytag learned how to brew from scratch, and when Anchor again began selling its Steam beer in 1971, it became recognized as the representative California common beer, a modern handcrafted brew encapsulating the history and culture of the original California immigrants’ brewing processes.

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