9/11 Truth Beer… Good Idea, or Not?

Usually I leave reposts to the Professor. He’s better at it, has the interest in searching out articles and, frankly, I’m busy writing for several site and publications. I missed this one last year and while I think 9/11 “Truthers” take it on the nose too much, I do think this a bad idea. Note: anyone else “note” that all the conspiracy crappers on the right don’t get called out in the mainstream media like “Truthers” do? Or Hillary with “right wing conspiracy?” (Even though she was right, obviously.)

I just think beer should be about beer, that’s my only critique here. Whenever you mix the two you get trouble. What, drinking something that helps you do and say more than you probably should while throwing right/left gas on the fire might be a good idea? How smart is that? Should a bar stock this? I wouldn’t: not because I think it a bad beer or I disagree. I actually don’t, for the most part. I wouldn’t because it would be like running an in-bar ad supporting more bar fights and brawls.

So I think the beer a well intended, wrong headed, approach to marketing… and the topic. Like giving a mad, mean, drunk a flame thrower.

But this is far more about a bad attempt to rephrase and reframe a beer than the beer itself, to be honest. The writer here is more to blame than the brewer. The beer is not just about 9/11. Indeed that’s a small part of the concept. I repost this more to make that point than anything else. And I’ll only repost part. You decide if you want to give him the click. -Ken Carman.

Written by Nate Clark at mnchange.org

This (“Last March,” actually -KC) March, Lagunitas Brewing Company of Petaluma, California released a craft beer to commemorate their effort to weather the latest economic downturn with what they cynically describe as, “A malty, robust, jobless recovery ale.”

“We’re not quite in the red, or the black… Does that mean we’re in the Brown?”

One of this year’s seasonal brews, Wilco Tango Foxtrot is an imperial brown ale that not only offers an apt portrayal of the ridiculousness of the confused situation in which we find ourselves but also boasts a respectable 96th percentile rank on RateBeer.

Beginning with, “the curious per curiam decision of 531 U.S. 98,” (the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Bush v. Gore which ended the Florida recount process—affording Bush the presidency), the caption on the sarcastically labeled bottle goes on to list World Trade Center Building 7 (”WTC7“), the massacre at the New Orleans Superdome, the Lehman Brothers sacrifice in the latest round of economic terrorism, the hypocrisy of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the Afghani-surge president and the fact that the concept of “jobless recovery” is oxymoronic as examples of issues worthy of consideration.

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