It is Beer O’ Clock in the City!

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From the last week of September to the first weekend of October, it is the happiest time of the year for beer lovers all over the world. Wondering why? Well, think mugs and steins overflowing with frothy beer, tables filled with people and friends and family waiting to get a taste of the delicious beer – It’s Oktoberfest time again.

This age old festival, which takes place in Germany every year since 1810, has over 2 million people travelling across the country just to attend this glorious fair in Munich.

Joining in the celebrations from across the seven seas is our city, that doesn’t lag behind when it comes to the number of beer lovers!

Forgetting all their favorite ‘buy one get one free’ offers or even the popular ‘happy hours’, Beer-o-holics, if we may call them, rush to the nearest Oktoberfest celebrations in the city, to enjoy a few mugs of draught beer.

While Germany may brew special beer for its biggest ever fair, Hyderabad too is all set to celebrate this festival by bringing out the best best of beers and typical German food like SauerKraut (Sour Cabbage) with Wurstl (sausages), Hendl (chicken), Schweinebraten (roast pork), along with Brezn (Pretzel), Knodel (potato or bread dumplings), Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes) and Blaukraut (red cabbage).

Beer-ing it on!

We all know how awesome beer is… now how about adding some more ‘awesomeness’ to your experience with some beer games.

Beer pong: Set two sides of a table with 6+ glasses, each filled with beer. Make two teams. Next get a ping pong and aim at the glasses. If the ball falls in, you chug! The first team to chug down all the glasses, loses (but still has fun!)

Coin flips or quarter cups: You need a coin or a bottle cap. Bounce the coin/cap against the table and hope that it falls into the mug or glass full of beer… if it goes in, the person in front of you have to drink it. If doesn’t, you skip a chance.


Not that one could ever get bored of having beer by itself, but this one’s for the adventurous souls.

Go green on St Patrick’s Day by adding green food coloring into your mug of beer, just half a tea spoon should add that extra zing to the beer.

Avoid a hangover by adding an energy drink to your beer pitcher. It gives the beer a fruity twist, plus you can avoid a hangover if you decided to binge-drink!

Shandy, a classic way to mix your beer if the alcohol levels are too high… try it with some soda or some ginger ale.

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