Prescription Beer

Written by Bryce Eddings for

Did you know that certain doctors in certain hospitals sometimes prescribe beer for certain patients under certain circumstances? Apparently, they do.

I don’t know why I find this surprising but, I do. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just never come across it personally. Perhaps it’s because I was raised in the US where we can be a little puritanical about all things alcohol. The appearance of a can of beer on a hospital tray would just seem out of place.

You know that I can’t let the hospital kitchen’s choice of beer go. Bud? Really? Aren’t hospitals supposed to make people better and provide a more or less comfortable environment for their patients? So, why would they assault them with bad beer. I’m afraid I’d have to send that back. Okay, probably not but I would certainly grumble while I drank it. Now, if I ever need to go to the hospital I’m going to have to call ahead and see what they have on tap.

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