Best Play to Catch Underground Theater and Drink Craft Beer

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The newly christened Underground Arts space in the Wolf Building on Callowhill is hardly a new idea. Philly is blessed with countless alternative, even illegal, venues that cater to the up-and-coming, the avant-garde and the experimental in art, but, combine that with multiple craft beer taps and you’ve got a full-on Philadelphia boner. The 12,000-square-foot space contains a theater with stadium seating, an open stage area for the intimate, beatnik fare and a giant bar with room for hundreds to dance—and it’s not even finished being built yet! The mission statement of the place—“To provide an outlet for … struggling artists to have their voices heard … and be able to make their livings from their art”—makes us want to throw our arms around the whole place and squeeze. In the future, they plan on hosting exhibitions by sculptors, installation artists, videographers and the like in a full-on gallery space. As long as they keep pouring the frosty cold stuff, we’ll show up.

Underground Arts, 1200 Callowhill St.

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