The Beer Nut: Steinberg is Blatant About His New Beer

Written by Norman Miller for GateHouse News Service

Complicated beers are fine, but sometimes simple can be good, too.

That is the idea behind Matthew Steinberg’s brand-new Blatant Brewery: brew beers simply and good.

“It’s all in good humor,” said Steinberg, a veteran of the Massachusetts brewing scene. “I said, ‘Let’s not start a beer marketing company, let’s start a liquid company.’ We don’t need to get fancy. The idea of this brand is strikingly simple. There is nothing fanciful about our labels. There is nothing fanciful about us, except for our beers. Be blatant, be clear, and be up front about what you’re doing.”

Steinberg has been involved in brewing for years. He is the former brewer of what is now known as Rapscallion Brewery in Massachusetts. He was the head brewer at the Offshore Ale Company. He was also the first brewer at the Mayflower Brewing Company.

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