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Looking for something different for Thanksgiving? Often people will choose heavy, dark, beers to go with heavy and strong flavors like gravy, dressing, turkey, cranberry: one of my favorites.

Hopportunity Knocks may be just different enough, yet strong enough, to balance out the dark meat and the saged dressing, another favorite of mine.

Hopportunity knocks starts with a Cascade nose from fresh hops and other varietal, West Coast hops. Clarity is excellent with a nice creamy head. That head fades fairly quickly, but a slight edge of foam does hang on.

The fresh hop is excellent when it comes to the taste.

Mouthfeel is medium light when it comes to the body with slight carmelization.

Hopportunity has a nice hoppy bite that tickles the nose and then rolls over your tongue with layers of hop complexity. Persists far into the aftertaste.

Overall it is an excellent, complex, hoppy ale. Definitely answer if, when in the store, this Hopportunity knocks.

Hopportuntity Knocks
Brewed by Caldera Brewing, Ashland, Oregon. Their site says brewed with mostly Centennial from the Northwest and 6.8%. Does not mention fresh hops: either way.

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