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Avast Maties! Sprecher the Black Bavarian pirate here. Tis cold these nights as we look for booty on the high seas. But da women think we stink too much so we gets no booty at all? So, to satisfy our thirst, and down our lustful desires, we often down a bottle or ten of Sprecher Black Bavarian, named after da Captain himself, otherwise known as Ye Olde Scribe with extra sea barnacles. No extra charge.

It glimmers in the glass like dark ruubies and has a nice roasty nose right in the glass. Just fish it out with your nostrils, landlubbers! Tis almost a stout to the taste. Did they put some roasted barley in this delight? A medium body, far nicer than the on ship wench who graces the front of the boat. Ya’y ya may get wood looking at her but since she’s made of wood, good luck.

Has just the right amountr of bubbly to it. A great malty mouthfeel yet medium to medium low body! The brewer tis a Captain of Brewing, he is, if not an admiral! Almost as if a double concoction was used, what ever da hell dat means!



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