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Profiled by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

Nice long lasting head, brown, caramelized nose but not much else, lots of body to the mouthfeel with darker malt sense: perhaps a tad to heavy for a Scottish, this is very interesting. Kind of an odd Scottish Heavy with parts of the profile on steroids, and at least one a little bit off.

Did they put chocolate malt in this? Maybe Marris Otter too? The Marris is already, but I’d drop this amount of chocolate in the mouthfeel and taste.

The carbonation in the body is light, which is OK for the style. Not as sweet as say Old Peculier, but a tad sweet malt-wise. Hops: none, but none expected. Way in the back of the taste if at all. But that’s the style.

This is a beer you should try for yourself.

French Broad Wee Heavy-er. Ashville, NC., 7%
That surprises me I would even give that recommendation. The last French Broad (no perv jokes, please) I tried was pretty bad. Rye Hopper: so astringent I had to toss the rest of the bottle. Both BJCP judges felt the same: one Certified, one an Apprentice. Maybe I got a bad bottle? It does happen, I know. But there’s too much beer out there to try, and to profile for The Professor I won’t waste my money. Rye Hopper was so bad I probably wouldn’t try it again. The kind of “bad” that gives craft a crappy reputation. Yet the astringency really seemed like the rye and the hops, through one hell of a long boil, had combined to bite back: hard.

This had none of the astringency, and even had a hint of peated malt: not unexpected in the style.

But I think I’ll try another French Broad. Hopefully she won’t slap me with astringency again. Damn, there I go doing what I promised not to do!

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